Innovative Use of Color, detailed line work make Sacred Heart stand out from all the rest

If you are prone to believe in stereotypes, you might not automatically think of warm friendly faces and a laid back comfortable environment when you think of a tattoo parlor…I know that I didn’t used too…until I met Joe.

Joe Reyes, owner of Sacred Heart Tattoo in Austell can put anyone at ease. He may be covered with the obligatory markings of his craft but he lacks the knife-like edge that people so often assume comes with the tattoo-artist’s lifestyle. In short, Joe is just a really nice guy, a sentiment reflected by the following that appears on the shop website:

“This is first of all the most friendly shop I have ever stepped a foot into. We met Joe and it was like meeting someone you had known forever. He listened to our ideas and came up with some great artwork! They are very flexible and have always been able to work us in. We will never consider getting work done by any other shop! These guys are amazing!” – Ashley Crews

Being a friendly guy doesn’t automatically make you a great tattoo artist, so it helps that Joe and his crew are a pretty talented team. This is obviously a pre-requisite, especially since Joe learned from one of the best, world-class artist Tony Olivas, founder of Sacred Heart Tattoo. Of course you don’t have to take my word for it. Take a look at some of his work and you can decide for yourself. Joe has a touch that is extremely light, which was nice for me, having sensitive skin and a tendency to scar easily. Definitely something to consider when contemplating a tattoo. Also, anytime people see our tattoos they always comment that they must be very fresh, this is because the tattoos that my husband and I have received from Joe look brand new, just like the day they fully healed. The ink he uses sets in so deep and rich that people never believe that some of the work is several years old.

But if it’s a tattoo from Joe you’re interested in, you had better call first, he just might be on set. You read that right. Mr. Reyes has kept himself busy stacking up credits in his free time, whether making an appearance in Fast and Furious 5 which recently wrapped filming in Atlanta or appearing as one of the lead actors in an award-winning music video, Transistor, produced by Players Royale Productions for the Atlanta band The Julia Dream, you can expect to see lots more of his smiling face. Even if it’s not in the movies, once you get a tattoo from Joe, you will probably be going back for more.

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