Using your Backstory to Shape your Online Persona

“Everyone is a storyteller”  –Michael Margolis

I recently had the privilege of listening to a webinar broadcast from SXSW 2011 (where I so wish I could be right now) by the author and master storyteller, Michael Margolis. Despite tuning in a little late, the first comment I caught really made me sit up and pay attention; and that was that as social media entrepreneurs we are all essentially storytellers, that our success or failure depends on our ability to relate our story to our audience.

As a trained journalist, Communications & Outreach Specialist, PR pro and freelance writer by trade this totally made sense to me. after all, isn’t it my job to relate to those who I am working with by finding the common ground, by sharing my story in the hopes that there will indeed be a shared empathetic connection?

I think his primary point was to use your “back-story” to shape your online persona, the parts of yourself that you put out there for others to either accept, judge or completely ignore. The idea that we can reinterpret a past event through new perspectives and may even learn something new just made total sense to me. After all, don’t we all live according to a certain revisionist history to a point anyway? Seems to me that as we look back on what made us who we are, we may even learn something new to add to the story.

So what’s your back-story? I’m thinking that I can totally be a superhero if I want to be. I did after all graduate early, make it through college with honors while a single parent (at least in the beginning) and then became known for my social media knowledge through rigorous self tutelage (thanks @blogbloketips, @socialmediatoday, @socialguide and @HollyHoffman for that!)

So maybe from now on I am going to work on developing my back-story. Interested? Well you don’t have to take my word for it. You can download the free e-book “Story Manifesto” or buy your very own copy from the Get Storied website.

So What’s your back-story and how do you use it to engage with your clients? I’d love to hear all about it!


The Learning Process

A few days ago @mattchevy completed an awesome review of my blog. I loved his advice and as I mentioned in the last post, you will begin to notice a few changes around here. In case you missed the video, you can check it out here.

Here is a brief summary of what I took from his review:

  1. MOVE TO WORDPRESS – this was his number one bit of advice, and one I am keen on following…soon. On that note, Everyday Public Relations will be moving on October 1st so make sure you check back soon. The URL will NOT change, but the look and feel will be different. so please be free to share your feedback.
  2. Make sure your traffic is all going to the same place. When I merge both EPR blogs this problem hopefully will solve itself.
  3. JUST SAY NO – to Google ads.They clutter up your blog and provide such a tiny bit of revenue (none in my case) that they are really unnecessary.
  4. JUST SAY YES – to affiliate advertisers that promote and complement your niche. I happen to promote Green PR and sustainable development so ads by We Add Up are relevant and fit in nicely.
  5. Be Consistent with posts. – This has been the hardest thing for me since I have such a busy schedule. What I love about WordPress is that I can write several posts at once and then schedule them for later.
  6. Make New Friends – I have been on Twitter for a while, but have not taken advantage of all the tools that are available that can help my network and blog grow. By completing a search for a few key terms within my niche I can develop new relationships with others who would gladly support my efforts.

Hope these tips will help you the way they helped me. For more information, or to get your own blog review, check out The Amazing Five Minute Blog Review or swing by Life Without Pants to see what other things @mattchevy is up too.